Devotec Industries Fuel Micro Charger for iPhone Review

Devotec Industries Fuel Micro Charger for iPhone

  • World’s smallest cell phone charger
  • Gives an hour of Emergency talk time
  • Fully rechargeable with supplied cable
  • Includes Apple approved lightning cable ($20) – nothinge else required
  • Keeps charge for 3 months at a time

Color:Red  |  Product Packaging:Standard Packaging

Devotec is the original manufacturer of Fuel Micro Charger 2, the smallest emergency phone charger. Its 420 milliAmp hour battery is designed to give you around 1 – 2 hours of extra talk time, or up to a few more hours on standby, depending on how you use your cell phone. Perfect for when you have had an unexpected delay, or have not been able to fully charge your phone, and you need to make a few calls, send a work email or use your GPS and maps function to find your way home. // The Fuel Micro Charger 2 is the World’s smallest cell phone recharging device. Measuring only 1.2″ x 1.5″ x 0.6″. It’s so small that it can sit easily on your keyring, you can slip it into the 5th pocket of your jeans, or even have it hanging off your cellphone. // The Devotec Fuel Micro Charger is an emergency back-up solution. // Fuel Micro Charger 2 is fully rechargeable, and is able to keep it’s charge for at least 3 months before needing to be recharged (our calculations suggest closer to 6 months, so we are being conservative!) // How it works: Charge up the Fuel Micro Charger 2 from the included charging Micro USB cable. Then just put it in your pocket, on your key chain or in your car and forget about it. // To Use: Turn the power switch on and plug into your phone, the same as you would your charger. Your phone will start to recharge straight away. Fuel is sold and dispatched by Devotec Industries.

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