High Capacity Battery for Panasonic PV-BP18 PV-42 Review

High Capacity Battery for Panasonic PV-BP18 PV-42

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 1 Year Replacement Warranty!
  • Capacity: 4200mAh 6V (25.2 WHr)
  • Dimensions: 46.99 x 88.9 x 36.32 mm (LxWxH)
  • Condition: Brand New – 100% OEM Compatible
  • Type: Ni-MH

High-Capacity Battery for JVC GR-1UGR-AX2, JVC GR-AS-X760U, JVC GR-AW1, JVC GR-AX10, JVC GR-AX1010U, JVC GR-AX10U, JVC GR-AX17, JVC GR-AX17U, JVC GR-AX25, JVC GR-AX25U, JVC GR-AX26U, JVC GR-AX2U, JVC GR-AX30, JVC GR-AX30U, JVC GR-AX310U, JVC GR-AX33, JVC GR-AX33U, JVC GR-AX34U, JVC GR-AX35, JVC GR-AX350U, JVC GR-AX35U, JVC GR-AX37, JVC GR-AX37U, JVC GR-AX400, JVC GR-AX400U, JVC GR-AX401U, JVC GR-AX404U, JVC GR-AX410, JVC GR-AX410U, JVC GR-AX420U, JVC GR-AX430U, JVC GR-AX46U, JVC GR-AX47U, JVC GR-AX5, JVC GR-AX500, JVC GR-AX500U, JVC GR-AX50U, JVC GR-AX510U, JVC GR-AX55, JVC GR-AX55U, JVC GR-AX5EG, JVC GR-AX5U, JVC GR-AX606U, JVC GR-AX610U, JVC GR-AX640U, JVC GR-AX650U, JVC GR-AX655U, JVC GR-AX70, JVC GR-AX700U, JVC GR-AX70U, JVC GR-AX710U, JVC GR-AX720, JVC GR-AX720U, JVC GR-AX730U, JVC GR-AX74U, JVC GR-AX750U, JVC GR-AX75U, JVC GR-AX76U, JVC GR-AX77U, JVC GR-AX7EG, JVC GR-AX7U, JVC GR-AX800, JVC GR-AX800U, JVC GR-AX808U, JVC GR-AX810U, JVC GR-AX820US, JVC GR-AX830U, JVC GR-AX840U, JVC GR-AX841U, JVC GR-AX84U, JVC GR-AX880US, Duracell DR10, Duracell DR11, Duracell DR11u, LSSB0007, LSSB0008, LSSB0011, LSSB0014, Panasonic AFX8, Panasonic AKKUVZ8240, Panasonic BN-V11U, Panasonic BN-V12U, Panasonic BN-V14U, Panasonic BN-V18U, Panasonic BN-V20U, Panasonic BN-V22U, Panasonic BN-V24U, Panasonic BN-V25U, Panasonic BN-V400U, Panasonic BN-V50U, Panasonic HHR-V20A/1B, Panasonic HHR-V214, Panasonic HHR-V214A/K, Panasonic HHR-V40A/1B, Panasonic HHR-V60A, Panasonic JVC Models, Panasonic PV-10, Panasonic PV-10B, Panasonic PV-10PX, Panasonic PV-14, Panasonic PV-17, Panasonic PV-18, Panasonic PV-19, Panasonic PV-20, Panasonic PV-21, Panasonic P-V213, Panasonic P-V213A/1B, Panasonic P-V214, Panasonic P-V214A/1B, Panasonic P-V215, Panasonic P-V215A/1B, Panasonic PV-22, Panasonic PV-31, Panasonic PV-32, Panasonic PV-332, Panasonic PV-333, Panasonic PV-362, Panasonic PV-40, Panasonic PV-41, Panasonic PV-42, Panasonic PV-43, Panasonic PV-53, Panasonic PV-5372, Panasonic PV-559

AC/DC Battery Charger for Kodak KLIC-8000 KLIC8000 Review

AC/DC Battery Charger for Kodak KLIC-8000 KLIC8000

    This fits your .
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  • Includes: 1 x Battery Charger. Accessories only. Camera not included
  • Battery Charger
  • Insten Battery Charger: Compact, lightweight design comes with a foldable A/C plug that charges your camera/camcorder battery anywhere in the world
  • Specifications:Input: AC 100V~240V Output: DC 4.2V~8.4V Dimension: 105 x 60 x 35mm
  • Compatible With KODAK: Z / ZD Series Z1012 IS, Z / ZD Series Z1085 IS, Z / ZD Series Z612, Z / ZD Series Z8612 IS

1 x Battery Charger. Accessories ONLY. Camera not included. This high quality quick battery charger is your best handy companion for digital shooting. Its compact, lightweight design comes with a foldable A/C plug that charges your camera/camcorder battery anywhere in the world. Quick charge with automatic constant current control prevents battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock. Smart LED indicator shows charging status;Specifications:Input: AC 100V~240VOutput: DC 4.2V~8.4VDimension: 105 x 60 x 35mmWeight: 190g Charger suitable for Kodak KLIC-8000 / KLIC 8000 camera/camcorder batteries.